Steve Hewitt


Steve was first elected to Sarge’s Board of Directors in 2008. By then Steve and his wife, Connie, had officially moved from Indianapolis to their Haywood County vacation home. This was a big change from their home in downtown Indianapolis where Steve had worked for 25 years with Eli Lilly. Back then the Haywood County Animal shelter took in just over 4,000 animals. Sarge’s evolving mission to end the euthanasia of adoptable, healthy dogs and cats at the Shelter seemed more like Mission Impossible. But some things are possible given a lot of hard work and the cooperation of local animal welfare groups with the County Shelter. In 2017 the Shelter intake had been reduced by more than half and over 90% of the animals were finding homes. Steve is still on the Sarge Board as Treasurer and still finding homes for cats and dogs. The Hewitt’s, doing their part to keep the momentum going, have 4 cats and one recently adopted, 10 year old hound – Thom.

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