Jim Ray

Vice President

Born and raised in Haywood County, I love both the mountains and the pace of life here. I am retired from my business developed to manufacture and distribute tactical knives and rescue tools. My connection to animal rescue began with Sarges in 2008, and much of my focus has been on transport operations, facility upgrades, and fostering. My wife, Katie, and I have had the pleasure of fostering scores of great dogs, most of them coonhounds (to see many of them, go to Katie’s Youtube channel 4dogsandafoster). We also have a Maremma Sheepdog, two Redbone mixes, a Plott Hound, and a Black and Tan Coonhound of our own. The progress Sarge’s (and the entire Haywood County rescue community) has made since the early years has been amazing. Our Board, our staff, and our volunteers are deeply appreciative of the support our friends and neighbors continue to provide.

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