By Fred Strohm / February 3, 2021

I just wanted to let you know that Fraser (now Winston) is doing great and has adjusted very well. He is so smart and loves to play with his new brothers. We […]

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Galium (Now Lucky)

By Jeff McDonald / February 2, 2021

Happy one year birthday to former Sarge dog Galium, now called Lucky! He sure got the right name, as you can see from these photos of his happy big self […]

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By Fred Strohm / February 2, 2021

Thank you for your continued work caring for the dogs and cats. Waya continues to be a source of joy for us! He is a wonderful companion. Quiet, playful, and […]

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February Pet of the Month – Sunshine

By Fred Strohm / February 1, 2021

Sunshine came to Sarge’s in November of 2016, by way of the Haywood County Animal Services’ rescue of 140 dogs from a hoarding case. She was hugely pregnant, and gave […]

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January Pets of the Month – Hope & Faith

By Fred Strohm / January 4, 2021

It is a privilege and honor to share our experience here with you.  We have come to realize that those of you who adopt, and are adopted by, a furry […]

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By Fred Strohm / January 2, 2021

I just made a donation in honor of Huck (formerly Eggs) who i adopted from Sarge’s 2 years ago (March 2018).  Wanted you to see how well he is doing […]

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By Fred Strohm / December 30, 2020

Good afternoon,) just wanted to say thanks again … Mowgli is so wonderful.. ridiculous 

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By Fred Strohm / December 24, 2020

Tillie wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas.  She continues to melt our hearts.  If anything good can be said about this year it is our adopting this little […]

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By Fred Strohm / December 24, 2020

Tank has found his favorite spot on the couch. He is fitting right in. Our hearts are full!

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By Fred Strohm / December 23, 2020

Allison(now known as Chloe) wanted  to send you all Holiday greetings and thanks for finding her a new home!Her pet parents Ron and Rob are also most grateful for all you do […]

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