2021 Donations in Honor and In Memory

January 2021

Laura MacDonald-McInerney In memory of Riley Howell.
Jannice Ashley In honor of Huck & in memory of Minnie.
Tovah Wolf & Ryan McLean In memory of Viggo.
Iris Durell In memory of your mother.
William & Lynn McNeill In memory of your beloved pets.
James & Dale Eglinton In honor of Tom & Oliver.
Sally Mackert In honor of Cassie Mackert.
Lyssa Dougherty In honor of Ralphie.
Michael Marsh In memory of Kinky Stein-Wilkerson.
Riley & Judith Covin In memory of Howard Kline.
Waynesville Public Art Commission In memory of Gary Smith.
George & Virginia Freeman In memory of Zoe.
Joseph Dobson In honor of Rosemary Redmond.
FactSet In honor of Rosemary Redmond.
Pole Creek Baptist Church In memory of Vivian James.
Mary Ellen LaVelle In honor of Tish & Sue's Anniversary.
Rosemary Redmond In memory of Teddy.
Sandra & James Oroszy In memory of Howard Kline.

February 2021

Bonnie Refinski-Knight In memory of Taylor Fletcher.
Roger Thomas In memory of Vaspar.
Carolina District of Kiwanis & Carolinas District Kiwanis Foundation In memory of Howard Kline.
George & Virginia Freeman In memory of Sophie.
Jeri Allison In memory of Bailey.
Pamela Bachorz In memory of May Benson.
Barbara & Victor Stiles In honor of Theo.
Debra Tauber In memory of Maddie Riggs.
House of Tzu at Hillhaven In honor of Sturgill.
Tom Starnes In memory of Waylon.
James Lewis Trueheart In memory of June & Poppyseed.
Ann & Hollis Garris In memory of James Mark Ramey.

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We rely on the generosity of private donors and business sponsors to care for Sarge animals and place them in loving and responsible homes. Donate in honor and in memory of a loved one or pet today.

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