By Fred Strohm / February 2, 2021

Thank you for your continued work caring for the dogs and cats. Waya continues to be a source of joy for us! He is a wonderful companion. Quiet, playful, and […]

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By Fred Strohm / January 2, 2021

I just made a donation in honor of Huck (formerly Eggs) who i adopted from Sarge’s 2 years ago (March 2018).  Wanted you to see how well he is doing […]

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By Fred Strohm / December 30, 2020

Good afternoon,) just wanted to say thanks again … Mowgli is so wonderful.. ridiculous 

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By Fred Strohm / December 24, 2020

Tillie wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas.  She continues to melt our hearts.  If anything good can be said about this year it is our adopting this little […]

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By Fred Strohm / December 24, 2020

Tank has found his favorite spot on the couch. He is fitting right in. Our hearts are full!

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By Fred Strohm / December 23, 2020

Allison(now known as Chloe) wanted  to send you all Holiday greetings and thanks for finding her a new home!Her pet parents Ron and Rob are also most grateful for all you do […]

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Magnus (formerly Major)

By Fred Strohm / December 22, 2020

 I wanted to send an update on Magnus (formerly Major) who we adopted about three months ago! He is all settled in and has become our best friend. He is stubborn, […]

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By Fred Strohm / December 16, 2020

Hello!! Wanted to reach out and share how well our “Sally Mae” is adjusting to her new home and family after adopting her on Friday 12/11/20 and I’d say she […]

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By Fred Strohm / December 14, 2020

Thank you for our precious girl

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By Fred Strohm / November 30, 2020

We wanted to update you on our family member, Ginger (formerly Sarge dog Rey, adopted March 2020.) Thank you for giving our family a source of love and light that […]

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