December Pet of the Month – Misty & her Holiday message

By Fred Strohm / December 20, 2021

Misty’s holiday wish is: Please give the gift of life and donate to Sarge’s and help save an innocent life.

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November Pets of the Month – Summer & Maggie

By Fred Strohm / December 1, 2021

Summer and Maggie, Sarge’s Good Will Ambassadors Our golden retriever Summer came into our lives as an abused, frightened dog that just wanted to hide in a corner.  After months […]

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October Pets of the Month – Mouse, Squirt & Merlin

By Fred Strohm / October 1, 2021

Connie Hewitt is PAWSITIVELY a kitty life saver! Connie has helped rescue and taken care of  so  many cats and kittens both at the shelter and Sarge’s for many years. The […]

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September Pet of the Month – Juniper

By Fred Strohm / September 9, 2021

Tish O’Connor, Sue Libera and Misty want to thank Juniper and her parents, Jeff and Cindy Soell for supporting Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Message from Juniper: My name is Juniper. […]

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August Pet Of The Month – Sasha

By Fred Strohm / August 2, 2021

Tish O’Connor, Sue Libera & Misty want to thank Brenda O’Keefe for giving Sasha such a wonderful life and for her generous support to Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Sasha’s Story […]

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July Pet of the Month – Misty

By Fred Strohm / June 30, 2021

Misty, our beautiful, intelligent Sarge rescue, has blossomed into a sweet, gentle member of our family. She was rescued from an extremely disturbing environment. She was fearful of noises and […]

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June Pet of the Month – Chelsey

By Fred Strohm / May 28, 2021

Sue and Tish would like to honor Chelsey as pet of the month. Dr. Allan Stein and Rich Wilkerson’s story on how they rescued Chelsey is below. Thank you both for your […]

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Mr. Brown & Tinkerbell – May Pets of the Month

By Fred Strohm / April 30, 2021

Laird & Clair have always loved animals but cats weren’t ever their favorite until about 5 years ago. Baby kitties keep showing up at Clair’s sisters house! We always found […]

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April Pet of the Month – 11,000 animals that Nancy has helped

By Fred Strohm / March 31, 2021

Tish and Sue’s Sarge rescue dog Misty, along with the 11 thousand plus dogs and cats that Nancy Bulluck has helped rescue, want to let her know how much they […]

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Cooper – March Pet of the Month

By Fred Strohm / March 1, 2021

Sue Libera and Tish O’Connor would like to honor Cooper, who has been a very generous benefactor to Sarge’s Animal Rescue. Ralph and Eva Sheppard’s story on how they rescued Cooper […]

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