Wanted to give you an update on Caesar. He’s happy, we’re happy, life is good 🙂His favorites are definitely eating and sleeping.  Mine too.  He has figured out playing with our 90 lb lab, Lia. He loves to walk and is vocal about it. He sleeps all night. He has a bed and crate beside me. He is my shadow. I love it!! I love him and we are a definite success story. He also loves the car. We’ve taken him on several car rides. Other than me, he is in love with my disabled brother. ♥️ They are both non-verbal and hang out together.  As far as his health, we’re playing it one day at a time. His tail tells all. He’s a happy dog. The vet loves him. In Asheville we take him and all our babies to Skyland. Thank you for this special guy!!! Please tell his friends hello. Here are some pics. Thank you!!

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